Cultural Competency

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The United States Census Bureau's projections indicate that minority Americans will make up 40 percent of the United 


States population.  As our society becomes more diverse, medical and mental healthcare practitioners are increasingly


challenged to prevent, treat and understand the etiology of illnesses in their patient populations.  The patient centered care


model has begun to address this challenge by providing the theoretical


framework that advocates for improving practitioner-patient relationship,


access to care, and health outcomes.  Cultural competence builds on 


this framework by providing a guide to understanding the social 


determinants affecting practitioner-patient relationship, access to care,


and health outcomes.


The Ecwiti Group, LLC is excited to support these initiatives by


presenting three cultural competency trainings for medical and mental


healthcare professionals. At these trainings, participants will receive a


comprehensive instruction in organizational, systemic, and clinical cultural competency; engage in dialogue with minority


patients about needs and concerns; and attend workshops that showcase the work of Health Ecwiti (Equity) Champions. 


These trainings will take place at African American Museum in Philadelphia, 701 Arch St., Philadelphia, PA 19106 on


the following dates:   


                                                          June 13, 2016


September 12, 2016


             April 27, 2017   


Please join us in supporting these initiatives through sponsorship at one of the following levels.


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