The Ecwiti Group's consultative services focuses in the three core areas of strategic planning, capacity building and evaluation. Strategic planning services consist of programmatic activities to set priorities, focus resources, and establish guidelines to reach intended results. Capacity building services concentrate on strengthening infrastructure and enhancing operations to ensure effective and efficient processes. Evaluation activities assess performance, identify milestones, measure outcomes, document and disseminate findings.

Consultative Services:

Strategic Planning

Capacity Building


  • Program Design

  • Program Coordination

  • Program Management

  • Program Implementation

  • Program Monitoring

  • Policy Analysis

  • Protocol Development

  • SOP Development

  • Health Service Planning and Delivery

  • Governmental Management

  • Environmental Scan

  • S.W.O.T. Analysis

  • Cultural Competency technical assistance

  • Cultural Competency training coordination

  • Language Interpretation coordination

  • Language Interpretation training coordination

  • Evidence Based Best Practices technical assistance

  • Systems Change technical assistance

  • Partnership Development technical assistance

  • Stakeholder Engagement

  • Health Disparities technical assistance

  • Health Promotion technical assistance

  • Health Communication technical assistance 

  • Global and Local Health Diplomacy

  • Health Literacy technical assistance 

  • Health Literacy training

  • Health Disparities assessment

  • Cultural Competency assessment

  • Research

  • Evaluation Design

  • Evaluation Implementation

  • Evaluation Monitoring

  • Feasibility Study Design

  • Feasibility Studies Implementation

  • Reporting

  • Quality Improvement/Performance Management

  • Needs Assessment

  • Data Management

  • Adherence/Compliance Audits

  • Clinical Research Monitoring